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January 20, 2020

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Embracing the Culture - A Team Tennis Season Review

October 30, 2017

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Grapevine Tennis FAQ

March 21, 2018

●      No Cut Program, why tryouts? To divide the team into Varsity, JV 1 and JV 2 teams. During the tryout process the top players will be pulled out of tryouts and will begin practicing doubles.


●      What do tryouts look like? The first day is 10 point tiebreakers to tentatively set a ladder. After that it will be our challenge match format. Best of 5: 1st and 2nd are short sets starting at 2 all no add, 3rd and 4th are 7 point tiebreakers, and the 5th is a 10 point tiebreaker. THERE WILL BE FITNESS to start every day of tryouts. Show up in shape.


●      Why are tryouts at the end of summer instead of during the previous spring? I know this causes a problem with scheduling, but I believe it is necessary to build the strongest possible team. Summer is the time that committed players can make the most improvement.


●      What are the differences in the teams?

○        Varsity will have between 25 and 30 dual matches (including 7 district matches) from the second week of August through October. And then have the opportunity to progress through the play-offs to State. 10 to 15 of those matches are scheduled in the 2 weeks prior to school starting. Once school starts practices begin at 7am.

○        JV 1 will have 7 district matches with some additional matches scheduled. During school practices go until 4:30.

○        JV 2 is for anyone that wants to be part of the program. In the fall there will be 2 opportunities to play in tournaments. After school practices are optional.

○        After tryouts challenge matches will only be played on the team you are on. JV 1 and JV 2 can not challenge each other until after fall district matches.


●      In order to be on a team then a player must be able to commit to the practice and match schedule. Exceptions will be evaluated on a case by case basis and the considerations are how far in advance did you communicate with the coaching staff, what and how much are you missing, why are you missing, what are you doing to make up what you miss and the needs of the team and program.  This is a similar level of commitment that other programs ask of their athletes.


●      Why the changes from last year? As individuals I am very happy with the team, but the amount of exceptions that got made hurt us.

○        It took too long to get doubles lineups set.


■       We were in a 4 team district last year, so our district matches started in Oct. This year they will start in Sept. Our lineup will be close to being set by the first day of school

○        It took too much practice time JV and Varsity to allow challenge matches for players that were not at tryouts.

○        Varsity period was too big to accomplish what I wanted to in the off season. And not enough play opportunities for the entire Varsity.


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