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  • Writer's pictureMustang Tennis

  • Writer's pictureMustang Tennis

Rain or shine, Covid or whatever else hits the fan, Mustang Tennis adapts and carries on... This year's leadership council work to create an encouraging environment for the team, mentors the underclassmen and look for ways to keep the team running smoothly. The high standard of responsibility and sportsmanship of Mustang Tennis continues...

  • Writer's pictureMustang Tennis

Another exciting season of Mustang Tennis is here! We are excited to see our returning players again and to welcome our new players into the Mustang tennis family!

Communication and flexibility will be key to navigating the coming season as we continue to deal with the unexpected and unknowns of Covid-19. We will adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines and ask that everyone be diligent about hand washing, wearing masks where appropriate and staying home if you are running a temperature or don't fell well.

GroupMe is Coach's primary channel of communication, so be sure you are in the group and have notifications turned on. There is a group for Parents and one for Players. The links to the groups were sent out in emails prior to the season, so check there if you are not in the group.

News and updates will be posted here as they become available, so be sure to check back often!

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